Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Key Word is Content

I'm really proud of my self.
I developed a crush for a guy, hung out with him, became friends with him, and went to prom with him.
But that's not why I'm proud.
I'm proud that I really saw who he was and decided that I didn't need to spend my time hung up on something so silly.
I looked at it clearly, and logically and decided that I wasn't losing that I would be losing.
I'm satisfied and happy.
There are days.
These days could be the thought of wanting to sit outside, but only in the shade.
Wishing it would rain so it would fit my mood.

There are times.
These times I'm not replying to messages because I have nothing to say.
Wanting to just lay until I become one with my bed.

Maybe it's just silly teenager angst.
But no one has my life, no one is me.
Just as I'm not anybody else.
Truthfully I don't think I could


Sometimes I say things that are awesome, like I'm speaking to thousands of people
I look up and am sad no one got to hear it

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There will always be a penny in the dryer you can't find.

There will always be a letter to the president asking why.


When did you stop seeing us as a whole?

          Now we're just two individuals


         I thought we would last


         I never saw this coming

Now I'm running

         And you're judging my steps

I thought we would last-
         I was naive
 I never saw this coming


I live in
   A president- cotton factory named town
I've been here forever 
But I'm the kid around
   And I'm dreaming big

It's all I can do
     Just trying to make it through

I can sing this song
The song of life
    I hope it reaches all
Who are singing
Out their frustrations in their bed rooms

  You better believe 
That's what I'm doing
As I write this down

Washington is clocking in 
All my precious memories
    And I'm giving them freely